Are You Looking For Talented Developers In The Wrong Places?

Are You Looking in the Wrong Places for Talented Developers?

In this strong economy with a low unemployment rate, the high demand for talented and experienced software engineers continues with no end in sight. It’s an environment that makes it difficult for companies to find development talent. In fact, retaining your own programmers is also a struggle, as the competition makes lucrative offers in the hopes of hiring away passive candidates.

Ask yourself a simple question: Is your company looking in the wrong places for software engineering talent? Either way, it’s obvious that broadening your search into different channels is a wise choice. Let’s take a closer look.

Leverage Your Professional Network

Reach out to a few contacts among your professional network for leads on strong developers. This is a good tactic for finding those passive candidates happy in their current role, but willing to hear about a lucrative job offer. If a contact works in a specific programming discipline your company needs, they are probably aware of a few candidates from their own network.

Keep this channel at the back of your mind when at industry conferences or local technology mixers. Whenever you run into someone from your network, ask them about any potential candidates. Create an online developer talent assessment and print up business cards with the URL to pass out at events.

Employee Referrals Are a Great Potential Source of Programming Talent

Getting referrals from your employees is another underutilized source of experienced developers. Once again, this is a great strategy for finding passive candidates able to make a difference for your company. Be sure to offer a generous bonus to incent your current staff into referring professional colleagues who fit with your organizational needs.

Develop an Internship Program to Find Emerging Developers

Creating an internship program with local colleges and universities is a great way for sourcing software development talent. Work with the local educational institutions to find candidates with the right coursework that’s compatible with your company’s technology stack. Also, host an open house or job fair for those who are soon to graduate.

Additionally, when onboarding these interns, be sure to give them real job assignments. This lets you see how they perform under pressure; ultimately helping you make the right decision on a potential permanent job offer.


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