How video makes your brand social

By Christian Brown, Digital Media Team Member

How video makes your brand social

There’s just no escaping it.

No matter where you spend your time on social platforms, be it LinkedIn or Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, there is no way to avoid your favorite companies favorite communication tool: video.

This is how the digital world works in 2019, and video continues to gain more traction with users. With over 100 million hours of video viewed on FaceBook every day it’s become clear that people are not only ready to watch video– they expect it. This has proven to be one of the premier ways to resonate your brand’s message with audiences, and algorithms optimize video posts for followers. This creates entirely new features geared towards video, and more. So how can this impact your communication strategy?

Let’s take a look at a few ways video can boost your presence on social:

Video Builds Trust

There are still users who are apprehensive about making purchases online. Many (especially millennials) ask the question “which brands can I trust when buying online?” Now, apply this to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. There’s an ocean of products out there and thousands of companies objective to grab users with their marketing and get them to sink their money/time into a product, service, etc. Finding trust can be extremely overwhelming scrolling through an endless feed of companies on (insert any social media outlet here).

Getting your message across through video with a real, transparent voice, as well as a face that people can see, breaks through the noise and draws a connection with the viewer. This gives them a “someone” they can trust instead of just a product and a logo.

Video Builds Understanding

Communicating your message effectively means meeting the multiple learning styles of your audience. Video is a memorable way to retain crucial information. In fact, “viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text”. Take advantage of the multiple ways video gets your idea into their head.

Video Builds Exposure

Recent studies have shown that 92% of mobile users will share a video.  Sharing by users exposes your content to a wider network than you can reach through your followers. The more exposure your company’s page gets, the higher the likelihood of them clicking on your page, and, quite possibly, clicking on a link to your company’s website. And, If you’re wondering, this is a big win.

Creating action in your audience is the main focus here. So, by crafting a video that is carefully edited with a proper script that carries weight with your viewer and is shareable can lead to exponential results. Not to mention you will gain a reputation as a brand with content worth clicking on.

Video Builds Your Future

Think about what using video on social means for the future of your brand.

With the tools in your hands that the platforms offer, you will be able to precisely pinpoint the most crucial data that will lead to potential change and growth future content online. Are your followers clicking the links in your description more now after they watch a video? Are you seeing a spike in followers after each post? Video begins to offer a whole new look into how your customer thinks. And what’s more, video is not only a finished product, but collateral that can be repurposed as marketing content as many ways as you can imagine.

Build Your Video Strategy

Developing a video marketing strategy will change the way you’re perceived online. It will turn an otherwise normal brand into one that is talked about, shared, and remembered. At Technology Partners, we specialize in making videos that stand out in the sea of noise that is the modern social landscape. Let’s make something great together, and open up a whole new level of connection for you and your audience. Connect with us today and we’ll help you get started building your digital future.

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