How to Deal With Conflicting Personalities on Your IT Team

Technology managers need the right skills to be able to successfully handle conflict in the workplace. Failure to do so in a timely manner causes a myriad of problems, including a reduction in employee morale, and eventually a loss in productivity. Conflict resolution is even more important in an era of Agile and DevOps where collaboration and teamwork are vital.

Here are a few best practices on how to manage conflicting personalities on your IT team. Leverage these insights to ensure everyone works together in a copacetic manner. Your bosses will appreciate the effort!

Foster a Positive Office Culture

The best way to handle personality conflicts in the workplace is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Companies that strive to build a company culture focused on teamwork and collaboration simply don’t let office strife hamper its productivity. New hires get introduced to this policy as part of their onboarding process.

Employees understand that working together matters more than trite personality issues, and if they end up being the cause of repeated conflicts, they might be looking for a new position sooner than later.

Respect Different Personalities and Work Styles

Diversity in the technology workplace matters more than ever. Because of this, chances are strong your employees come from a variety of backgrounds and possess differing viewpoints. You need to respect these differences and take advantage of them to make your team stronger.

Different perspectives are essential in today’s technology world. Getting input from various points of view helps build stronger applications and systems able to serve multiple needs. As such, make sure your employees understand this golden rule: All employee perspectives are valid and deserve to be heard.

Keep a Professional Approach When Handling Office Friction

Even in an environment focused on teamwork, friction sometimes arises. If it does, make sure to stay professional in your interaction with the conflicting parties. This sets a great example, as it helps to prevent any friction from developing into open confrontation.

Meet with the relevant parties individually to get their point of view, and bring everyone together to resolve these differences. Make them understand their issues aren’t as important as the success of the organization as a whole. In this situation, a resolution ultimately leads to a more positive and productive workplace.

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