So You Want to Be a DevOps Engineer? Here’s What You Need to Know.

As software development and technology companies hope to improve their efficiency, the DevOps methodology grows in popularity. It focuses on meaningful collaboration and automated tools to streamline the software engineering process. Organizations are able to boost their productivity level and subsequently improve their bottom line.

This popularity has created a strong demand for a relatively new role: the DevOps engineer. If you are interested in this new job title to take your career to another level, simply continue reading. The information you need lies within.

What is DevOps?

In its simplest form, DevOps involves the creation of a collaborative team made up of software developers and network administrators. As noted earlier, the hope is to make application development more efficient by getting everyone on the same page. A variety of automated tools also help in migrating code, performing builds and some of the other tasks siphoning the productivity of software engineers.

A recent study revealed companies using DevOps deploy code 30 times more frequently and with half the failures as those that don’t. No wonder it’s becoming so popular!

What is a DevOps Engineer?

As an emerging role, the specific duties of a DevOps engineer are still in flux. The skill set of a software engineer, combined with a measure of networking acumen provides a basic framework. Network administrators with some coding skills are also taking on this role.

An affinity for collaboration and customer/stakeholder interaction is important. Companies currently leveraging DevOps also tend to use Agile as their software development methodology. This makes the software development lifecycle more iterative and interactive compared to older methodologies, like the Waterfall.

Understanding a wide array of open source tools – especially ones using automation – for the software development process is vital. In addition to the ability to code, DevOps engineers also need a full comprehension of IT systems and operations. An affinity for Agile and iterative code development is another must.

Ultimately, as DevOps matures, expect the DevOps engineer role to become more sharply defined. At this point, some organizations are offering certifications for the role, including Amazon Web Services. Explore this option to increase your chances at an interview and job offer.

Whether you are a network admin interested in coding, or a software engineer who appreciates the entire IT process, becoming a DevOps engineer just might be perfect for your career path. Speak with your IT recruiter for advice.

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