4 St. Louis Tech Events You Can’t Miss This Spring

4 St. Louis Tech Events You Can’t Miss This Spring


Growing a robust professional network and learning new and innovative technologies remain two vital parts to any successful tech career. Attending a few tech conferences each year provides a great opportunity to do both in one fell swoop. Consider presenting at a tech event for an extra boost to your career prospects.

Here are a few of the more interesting technology events scheduled this spring in the St. Louis region. Attending one or more of these conferences is simply good for your career growth. Speak with your boss about the company reimbursing you for any event fees.


Angelbeat Technology Seminar on Cloud/Security/AI/Data

Monday, May 20 is a date to circle on your calendar, as St. Louis is hosting an Angelbeat Technology seminar covering a host of hot tech topics, including the Cloud, cybersecurity, AI, and data. The seminar focuses on ethical hacking, data center infrastructure, DevOps and machine learning, among many other topics. Registration for the event is priced at $200 with an extra nominal fee of $13.50.


Sling Health’s Demo Day for Medical Technology Startups  

Sling Heath is hosting Demo Day on Saturday, April 13 in St. Louis. It seems like a version of Shark Tank for emerging medical tech organizations. Groups get the opportunity to pitch innovative ideas to both healthcare professionals and venture capital investors. Admission is free, so if you don’t have anything to present this year, check out the event with an eye towards taking part in the future.


DevOps Midwest 2019

DevOps continues to grow in popularity throughout the tech industry as companies leverage automation and collaboration to develop software faster than ever before. DevOps Midwest 2019 is a two-day conference scheduled for April 15 and 16 in St. Louis, featuring intense sessions given by tech pros experienced in DevOps. The fee is $145 per day or $250 for both Monday and Tuesday.


2019 Prepare.Ai Conference on Artificial Intelligence

AI is another technology innovation seeing wide use in multiple business sectors. The 2019 Prepare.Ai Conference on Artificial Intelligence is taking place on Tuesday, April 9 in St. Louis. Expect exciting keynotes and sessions led by experienced technology professionals. The fee for this event is $349.

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