How to Build Strong Relationships With Your IT Candidates

How to Build Strong Relationships With Your IT Candidates

In a competitive environment for the top technology talent, your company needs to stand out from the pack. One way to accomplish this involves fostering a strong bond between your organization and its technical candidates. When a great tech pro decides between two essentially equal job offers, they are more likely to pick the one with the stronger connection.

In short, building relationships with candidates helps your business get the most out of its staffing investment. It also plays an essential role in fostering a company culture able to attract the best talent. Let’s learn how.

Understanding a Candidate’s Needs

Sure, you want to learn more about a tech candidate’s professional experience and skill set during an interview. At the same time, make the effort to truly listen and understand their career needs. Are they hoping to move into management someday? Do they want to work on interesting projects?

Taking this approach helps a candidate feel more comfortable about becoming an employee. Showing you care helps them feel like a partner more than just a warm body in your office.

Give Them a Window Into the Company’s Operations

During the interview, especially after the candidate asks a meaningful question, be honest about the company’s office culture and project work. Being open in this manner helps build a measure of trust; making it more likely they accept a potential job offer. This also applies to sharing information about your personal life to make a deeper connection beyond work.

Keep Those Communication Channels Open

Be open and communicative with candidates throughout your hiring process. This includes answering their phone calls, emails, or text messages in a timely manner. When pressed for time, send a quick message about replying in full later that evening or tomorrow.

Simply put, a candidate needs to be kept in the loop. If not, don’t be surprised if they accept the offer from the competition over one by your company.

Use Video for a Face-to-Face Connection

Sometimes a candidate lives in a different time zone. If you hire remote workers, this is likely the case. Leverage the video interview to make a positive connection with distant candidates. It truly makes a difference compared to a phone call.



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