Here’s What St. Louis IT Companies Look for in Their Newest Hires

Are you a tech professional hoping to get hired by one of the top IT firms in the area? Well, it helps to understand what those organizations are looking for in a candidate. Sure, your skills and experience matter, but being the right cultural fit also plays a large role in earning a job offer.

Let’s look more closely at what attributes make up the perfect candidate for a great technology company. Use this information to better prepare yourself for a rewarding job search. Soon, the IT job of your dreams will be yours!

A Self-Starter With a Sense of Their Career Path

The technology world is filled with changes. Because of this, IT pros need to constantly strive to keep their skills up to date. Companies want tech employees with a sense of direction in their career and the drive to regularly learn new skills, both technology-related and those within the business domain.

Tangible Success in Their Professional Experience

It’s important to detail on your résumé the positive impact you made for previous employers. Use facts and figures for additional emphasis, as hiring managers want to ensure you will make a difference for their company. Be prepared to talk about this information while on an interview.

A Collaborative Spirit and Willingness to Mentor Their Co-Workers

In this era of Agile and DevOps in the tech industry, collaboration is more important than ever. Companies tend to hire employees willing to be a valuable member of a team – emphasis on team. Going the extra mile by mentoring your co-workers on the latest tech is another point to highlight on your résumé and during an interview.

A Measure of Leadership Potential

Related to that last point on mentoring, tech firms are always on the hunt for candidates who boast leadership potential or experience. Any experience in a senior role tends to attract hiring managers. Additionally, they want employees with the right mix of technical skills and business acumen.

A Desire to Solve Problems  

Problem-solving is an important skill for anyone working in the technology field. This includes everything from finding a bug in a web application to working with a client to devise a perfect solution to their business need. Make it a point to focus on these points when interviewing.

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