What Can IT Managers Learn From the Industry’s Top Leaders?

What Can IT Managers Learn From the Industry’s Top Leaders?


Becoming a top-notch technology manager requires a mix of technical acumen, business smarts and the ability to handle a potentially diverse staff. As such, strong communication skills – both verbal and written – are a given. Still, to take things to an even higher level, some advice from some of the top tech leaders definitely helps.

Here are a few insights from some of the leading IT executives in the industry. Leverage their examples to improve your managerial skills and the productivity level of your team. Perhaps the corner office is in your future?

  • Focus on Collaboration and the Team

While it may seem obvious, fostering teamwork is one of the most important functions of any IT manager. It helps improve overall efficiency and the ultimate productivity of your group. This focus on collaboration remains one of the major reasons the DevOps methodology continues to see increased adoption across the technology world.

Additionally, surround yourself with talented senior-level tech professionals for the additional advice and wisdom necessary for insightful leadership. While the buck stops with you, that doesn’t mean to treat your role in a solitary fashion.

  • Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of the Tech Industry

The technology industry is known for its constant change. As such, it is vital for any IT manager to stay abreast of the latest trends in the field, both on a short-term and long-term basis. This helps better inform the strategic planning necessary for success in a competitive industry.

  • Set an Example With a Strong Work Ethic

The preeminent IT leaders are known for working hard and consistently. While this approach helps you accomplish more in your managerial duties, it also serves as an excellent example for your direct reports. Those who want to succeed in the tech world understand the importance of a strong work ethic.

Also, remember that displaying persistence and a strong will during a difficult project helps ensure the work gets completed on time.

  • Confidence in Yourself Leads to a Confident and Productive Team

Carry yourself with a self-confident air throughout each day. If you believe in yourself, your staff picks up on this attitude and becomes more confident in their own work as a result. Being enthusiastic and excited about your work is truly contagious!


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