Are Your Job Descriptions Turning Away Top IT Talent

In order to attract the best technical candidates for your company’s open position, a well-crafted job description is vital. This remains an essential piece of the IT staffing puzzle; ensuring a potential perfect hire becomes interested in your organization. Additionally, it improves the overall quality of the candidate pool, ultimately making the hiring process more efficient.

With an eye on the best possible hire, here are a few tips and insights on authoring great tech job descriptions.

Take Care When Listing the Job Qualifications

Studies reveal a significant number of candidates only apply for positions where they meet all the listed qualifications. Because of this, your company might be missing out on some great technology professionals.

Forego using terms like “expert” to cast the widest possible net. Additionally, some leeway when it comes to experience levels required for the position also encourages emerging tech pros to apply.

Culture Matters to the Modern IT Professional

Make it a point to highlight the organization’s office culture in the job description. Since company culture matters to the millennial generation, giving short-shrift to the concept in your job ads might turn off those candidates. Also include a section on the corporate website highlighting the positive difference your organization makes in the community.

In short, advertise the company culture to attract the best possible technology candidates.

Use the Right Language to Attract a Diverse Candidate Pool

Certain phrases or language in a job description only serve to turn away potential candidates. For example, studies show using “mission critical” in a job ad tends to attract male applicants.

Keep the language used in job descriptions at the forefront of your mind when hoping to employ a diverse workforce. Free tools are available to analyze job descriptions for this type of gender bias.

Include Hot Keywords in Your Job Descriptions

Building a top-notch IT candidate pool requires attracting great applicants. Since most candidates now search the internet for intriguing job openings, using the hottest keywords for the tech skills needed is vital. As such, be sure to consider SEO when crafting your job descriptions.

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