Working With an IT Recruiter? Here’s How to Know You’ve Picked the Right One!

Working with an IT recruiter is a great way to land the job of your dreams – but not all recruiters are created equal. You want to make certain you have a good recruiter who is going to maximize the likelihood of helping you find your dream job.


Of course, knowing how to find the perfect recruiter can be a big challenge, but there are a few things to look for which suggest that the person helping you find work is someone you can count on. Here are four key signs of a good recruiter:


  • Your recruiter is trustworthy:

    A good recruiter does what they promised. This means calling or meeting on time when you’ve set a meeting, and always following up on your exchanges. Interactions with them shouldn’t have you wondering if they have your best interest in mind or not.

  • Your recruiter is a good communicator:

    If your recruiter asks insightful questions and is always honest with you – even about difficult issues – then this is a positive sign. Good recruiters provide constructive criticism in positive ways; are forthcoming about why you may not have been hired for a particular position; share all available details about prospective employment, and really take the time to listen to you.

  • Your recruiter puts your needs first:

    A good recruiter focuses primarily on you – not just fulfilling the needs of a company. If a recruiter pays careful attention to where your skills would allow you to excel, and what type of corporate culture would be the best fit, this is more likely to lead to positive outcomes for both you and your potential employers.

  • Your recruiter takes the time to really get to know you:

    A good recruiter won’t just scratch the surface when it comes to helping you explore your job prospects. They’ll do a deep dive into your desires for you, so you can be matched with a job where you’re truly a great fit.

 Looking for an IT Recruiter?

These are just some of the key things to help you decide if your recruiter is the right person for you to work with. You should reach out to Technology Partners where you can find trusted recruiters that have a strong commitment to helping candidates find work in the field of information technology. Give us a call today to learn more.

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