When Should You Start Preparing for Seasonal Shortages on Your IT Team

There are seasonal fluctuations in demand within many industries, and the IT field is no exception. Your business will likely have busy times when you need to ramp up production, bring in more staff, and encourage employees to work long hours to get everything done.


The busy season is a time to maximize your revenue, but it is imperative you are prepared for it, if you want your company to take full advantage of the opportunities available to you. To identify when and how to start preparing, consider the following tips.


  • Look Back at Your Business History

Business demand tends to follow predictable cycles, so you can get a pretty clear idea of when your workload will increase by looking at past patterns. Review past performance records to determine when you had to ramp up in prior years, focusing on particular months, days, and weeks when you had higher-than-average demand. This analysis of past performance will help you decide when it is time to start preparing for seasonal shortages.

  • Evaluate Staffing Needs

Seasonal shortages can happen not only because of increased demand but also if you have staff shortages at specific times. For example, many staff members may take vacations at particular times of year or you may have higher-than-normal turnover during specific seasons. Anticipate when you’re likely to need more staff, either because of a higher need for your services or because of past staff shortfalls, and work with a staffing service to make certain your workforce needs are met.

  • Seek Financing if Necessary

If your business doesn’t have enough working capital to meet demand, you may want to consider financing options such as a short-term business loan. Securing the funding you need shortly before your busy season happens will ensure you can take full advantage of opportunities, and that you are not held back by a lack of available funds.

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