What Are The Most Lucrative IT Careers

If you’re considering a career in IT, one of your goals is probably to earn a good living. There are many information technology professionals who do make substantial sums of money, but it is important to find the right positions if maximizing your wages is a top career priority.

To help you choose an area of focus, we’ve assembled a list of the top 10 lucrative IT careers for 2018. Some of the careers in which you’re likely to earn the most include:

Cloud Solutions Architect

The median salary for IT workers in this position is $120,067. Solutions architects draw on their technical knowledge to develop cloud-based solutions to help companies meet their IT needs. This also pertains to cloud computing/adoption plans, cloud framework design, as well as cloud application development and deployment into the relative mediums.

Site Reliability Engineer

Site reliability engineers maintain websites for businesses, including regularly updating content and troubleshooting problems. They essentially apply complex software engineering techniques to tackle and fix a wide range of errors and bugs within any given site. For this work, they earn a median salary of $119,024.

Computer Network Architect

A computer network architect is responsible for designing, building and implementing a computer network, as well as ensuring maneuverability in all of the connected systems. Median salaries for this position are  $116,332.

Solutions Architect

Solutions architects earn a median annual salary of $115,231 for developing technical solutions for companies by communicating across departments to identify IT needs. Everything from vision creation to the execution, the solutions architect organizes the developmental effort to completion.

Data Architect

Data architects work to identify and implement the right processes for making data accessible and ensuring it can be analyzed and utilized effectively. The median salary for workers in this position is $112,825.

Applications Architect

Median salaries for applications architects are around $107,831. Workers within this position ensure software projects are completed in accordance with the company’s identified parameters.

Development Operations

For a median salary of $91,465, development operations engineers handle a variety of IT systems and database operations to meet the needs of their organization. They work diligently to ensure that the inner workings of a project meet the vision set by the client.l

Data Scientist

A data scientist focuses on data retrieval, effectively storing data, and implementing data analysis processes and protocols. The median salary for a data scientist is $90,958.

Hardware Engineer

Hardware engineers are responsible for the design of computer hardware, either as a product to sell or to meet the needs of an organization. Median salaries for people in this position are $85,441.

Software Engineer

Software engineers earn a median salary of $81,940 for the development, testing, and optimization of computer programs.

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