Salary Requirements for IT Project Managers

If you’re looking for work as a project manager, it’s important that you understand what you are likely to be paid for the job you do. Knowing what project managers should be earning can help you determine if you’ll want to consider a specific position because it is in line with your salary expectations. Not to mention the added benefit of knowing what salary to negotiate for when you get hired.


Salaries for project managers can vary by industry, but has some insight into how much you can expect to be paid for different types of project management work in the field of IT. According to, IT project managers will earn different annual base salaries depending upon what level their role is. For example, here are expected salaries for different IT project manager positions from


  • IT Project Manager I:

    Workers classified as IT Project Managers earn an annual base salary of around $81,543.

  • IT Project Manager II:

    When workers have moved up to IT Project Manager II, their annual base salary rises to around $101,768.

  • IT Project Manager III:

    This is the highest level that includes in its list for IT Project Managers. The annual base salary for IT Project Managers at this level is $119,872.


As you can see, all these salaries are well above national averages for all professions. They reflect the skill and expertise that project managers must bring to the table when performing their work, and these are just base annual salaries. In certain cases, it is also possible that project managers will receive bonuses or other additional compensation beyond just the average base salary for someone in their position.


In every case, it is important that project managers earn what they are worth which means finding the right position with a company that values the contributions they make. Technology Partners can help you find the right position as a project manager.

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