How to Uncover Your Business’s Biggest IT Hiring Challenges

Hiring talented professionals to staff your IT company can be more challenging than it seems. If you want to make sure your recruiting process is successful, it’s important to understand what you may have done wrong in the past and where you’re struggling in the present. Some of the key ways to uncover your company’s hiring challenges include:


  • Analyzing your recruiting process:

    To understand where your challenges lie, take a virtual walk through the recruiting process to find out where the bottlenecks are. Evaluate each step, from managers identifying a need for new hires, to posting job ads and attracting candidates, to your screening process, interview process, and extending an offer. At each phase, consider whether you’re achieving success or having problems such as unqualified candidates being interviewed or chosen candidates rejecting an offer. This will allow you to see what specific aspects of the hiring process need improvement.

  • Determining if you’re attracting quality candidates:

    One of the biggest challenges for many organizations is attracting candidates with the requisite level of talent. If you are routinely getting applications from people who aren’t qualified, you may need to make your job description more detailed or change the places where you are posting the job.

  • Monitoring the timeline for filling open positions:

    A recruiting process that is too long will cost your company unnecessary money and may cause you to lose in-demand candidates who have other alternatives. It’s important to streamline the process so you are finding the right people in a reasonable timeframe.

  • Gaining feedback from new hires during the onboarding process:

    Look at the onboarding process not only from your own perspective, but also from the viewpoint of potential employees. Talking to candidates who’ve joined your team about their experiences with the hiring process can help you develop more insight into what can be improved.

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While it can be frustrating to develop the right process for staffing up, it’s worth taking the time to develop a solid process for expanding your team. Technology Partners can help you find the right candidates for every position, so give us a call today.

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