3 Tips to Prepare for Your First Contract Assignment

Being hired for a contract assignment is an exciting opportunity to expand your skills, build a strong resume and make professional connections in your area. However, to get the benefits of a contract job, you need to be prepared to impress your employer.

Taking some steps to increase your chances of success before day one can be important to becoming the best possible contractor. If you’re not sure how to prepare, try these steps:

  • Brush up on your basic skills:

    It’s important to make sure your skills are sharp, so you can hit the ground running. Review any industry jargon or technical knowledge you’ll need to do the job correctly and practice using any software or hardware you’ll need to accomplish your job, so you can do the work efficiently without wasting a lot of time trying to remember the basics.

  • Research the company:

    You will always do better at a company if you have an idea of the corporate culture and policies. Check out the company website, read their mission statement, review any blogs or online sources of info with business details and generally try to be as prepared as you can to fit in at the organization.

    *HINT: Google the name of the company and the word “controversy.” Trust us, this is a good way to avoid a bad company.

  • Review the job description carefully:

    It helps to go in knowing what your job will entail, so review details from the job description to find out what to expect. If you’re not certain about any aspects of what you’ll be doing or whether you need to bring anything, don’t be afraid to reach out to HR or your hiring manager to get clarity.

  • Be ready to ask questions:

    One of the best ways to be successful at any new job is to be open to learning as much as you can. Don’t go in assuming you’ll know everything you need or worried about coming off looking unprepared if you have questions. Most companies have their own specific practices and approaches to solving problems and completing tasks, and it’s always better to ask if there is something you are unsure of. The more questions you ask, the quicker you can get up to speed and provide work that’s expected of you.

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