Three Qualities Only a Great Manager Will Teach You

If your company wants to make the most of its human resources, you need to find a manager who has the skills and abilities to bring out the best in your team. Your business should have talented managers who can impart essential skills, recognize talent, and harness that talent and knowledge to advance the interests of your organization. If you are a manager, it’s imperative you bring these skills to the table if you want to excel.

While there are lots of things that can make a good manager, three of the most important qualities that separate good from great include the following:

  • The ability to recognize each employee’s unique strengths and skills:

    Every employee brings something different to your organization. Good managers can find each worker’s strongest traits, and if the manager is smart, will ensure that worker spends the maximum time possible making the best use of their talents. When managers focus on cultivating skills in employees that match their natural strengths, workers will be happier and strive to do better – and the organization will benefit from having the very best people on the team doing things that must be done.

  • The knowledge to capitalize on each workers’ strongest attributes:

    When a manager has identified what a worker is great at, the manager needs to figure out how to harness their talents in doing that particular thing. This means exploring all of the circumstances where that employee could make a valuable contribution by doing what he does best.

  • An understanding of how the pieces fit together:

    While managers need to focus on improving individual performance, it’s important to make sure each component of every project gets done in a timely manner. This means keeping focused on deliverables while delegating different tasks in a way that maximizes each individual worker’s unique talents and abilities.

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