From the CEO: Nothing is Not an Option

By Lisa Nichols, CEO
Lisa Nichols, CEO of Technology Partners and host of Something Extra podcast
Nothing is Not an Option

On the way to a board meeting in Kansas City last week, I was struck by a billboard that said, “Use Your Outside Voice.” What a profound yet simple statement.

Both speaking out and stepping up can be scary. In fact, fear often holds people captive to their present circumstances and prevents them from experiencing their best life. How can fear have such a powerful stronghold in our lives? Well let’s consider some of the fears that we have all felt at one time or another:

  1. fear of the unknown
  2. fear of failure
  3. fear of what others will say or think
  4. fear of success and the change that it might bring

However, I feel adamantly that we should never let “fear” be the reason we don’t try something new or speak up on a position that we strongly believe in. If we succumb, fear wins. We need to replace our fear with courage and boldness.

I love what Aristotle said,

“To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing and be nothing.”

Let’s face it – unfortunately, there will always be naysayers. We can’t let that stop us from embarking on new frontiers, we should expect it. If we say nothing and do nothing, we are destined to be nothing and then nothing gets accomplished in life and the needle stays put. I am reminded of another quote that a dear friend always has on the bottom of his emails:

“Evil prevails when good men do nothing”.

– Edmund Burke

Currently, there is a popular song on the radio called, “Fear is a Liar”. Isn’t that the truth? Fear is a liar. Fear will tell you that you can’t, that your ideas are not worthwhile and, even more sadly, that you are not worthwhile. This is simply not the truth. You were created with brilliant ideas and brilliant potential. What you say and what you do matters!!!

We have a five-year old grandson and he is told often by his mom, “Remember to use your inside voice”. I’m going to start teaching him the moments when he should “Remember to use your outside voice”. Speak up for yourself, speak up for those less fortunate or those who are being oppressed and speak up for the things you truly believe in. What you say and what you do matters!!!

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