How Healthy Ethics are Key to Keeping a Healthy Company Culture

Building a positive company culture is essential for any employer – but it can sometimes be difficult to understand the steps your business needs to take to develop a positive culture that will make you an attractive company to work for and will encourage current employees to stick around.

The good news is, there is something your business can do to maintain a healthy culture: focus on healthy ethics. When you develop a workforce which makes ethical behavior paramount, this will help you build the type of company that attracts and keeps good people. Some of the key ways your organization can build a healthy company culture include:

  • Understanding the most common types of unethical workplace behavior:

    The authors of “Crucial Accountability” conducted a survey and found the three most common types of ethical breaches in the workplace included taking breaks that were too long; calling in sick when not actually sick; and taking credit for the work of another person. By taking steps to discourage these specific types of ethical lapses, your company can build a better culture and improve morale. After all, no one wants to work hard if they think a co-worker will just claim credit for their ideas or if they believe their peers are slacking off with long breaks or fake sick days.

  • Establishing a system for voicing concerns about unethical behaviors:

    You should have effective processes in place within your HR department so employees who spot ethical lapses have a safe, effective way to report misdeeds. Among respondents to the Crucial Accountability survey, 63 percent had witnessed unethical behavior, but the ethics failures were reported only around half the time. Making it easier to report ethical misdeeds and ensuring staff members know their concerns will be taken seriously could encourage staff to come forward and alert your organization when someone’s doing something wrong.

  • Providing ethics training:

    Your company should provide appropriate training on corporate ethics and should establish protocols to ensure that everyone at all levels of the organization understands what is expected when it comes to their moral conduct in the workplace.

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