How Are Tech Candidates Viewing Your Hiring Process?

Your employer brand is important if you want to hire top talent in the tech industry. This means you need to ensure you make the hiring process a positive experience for potential candidates. A hiring process that makes a good impression is also more likely to end with your top candidates accepting an offer.


There are a number of different factors that shape how tech candidates will view your hiring process including:


  • Their impression of your company culture:

    Does your company come across as innovative and collaborative? People don’t want to work at an organization they feel is behind the times or where competition is cutthroat and ideas can’t be shared. Consider how your company comes across in the job ad, in online branding material and during interviews to ensure you’re presenting the company culture as a positive one.

  • Their perceptions of whether they have a future with your organization:

    Most people want their career to advance. You should make certain your organization has clear paths for advancement and prospective employees are able to visualize their career prospects and career trajectory.

  • Their perceptions of whether your company has a future:

    To attract top talent, you need to make clear that your company is likely to survive for the long haul. This means showing you will remain relevant within your field by staying updated with new industry developments.

  • The impression their potential boss and co-workers make:

    Candidates may interview with multiple people at your organization and meet potential future co-workers. It’s important that those who they meet are welcoming and speak positively about your company and what the work will be like. You want potential candidates to feel their future co-workers will be smart, positive people to work with.

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