Why Holding Weekly Meetings With Your Team Will Revolutionize Your Company Culture

Building the right company culture is essential, and this means making sure your team communicates regularly and effectively. There are lots of different ways you can enhance communication among team members, but one of the most effective may involve holding a weekly meeting.


Holding weekly meetings with your team can help you revolutionize your company culture in important ways. Some of the key benefits of holding weekly meetings include:


  • Increased transparency:

    A face-to-face meeting allows for much more information to be shared than can be shared via digital communication channels. Meeting in person is a chance to break down carefully constructed personas developed in online communication so real personalities shine through. It’s a chance for leaders to share their vision in an open and honest way and for a dialogue to take place without a digital buffer.

  • Fostering creativity:

    Brainstorming and building off the ideas of others generally works best when a group comes together in person on a regular basis. With weekly team meetings, staff members will become more comfortable with each other and more willing to share ideas and collaborate. Talented staff members can build off each other’s ideas and discuss issues they’re having to get suggestions from co-workers.

  • Developing a sense of shared purpose:

    When staff members come together to brainstorm ideas and discuss progress, this builds connections between co-workers and makes everyone feel like they are on the same team and working towards a common goal.


To make your weekly meetings work to achieve these aims have employees come to the meeting without computers, provide important updates, show appreciation for the wins that other team members have had, and provide time for questions.

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