5 Online Programs to Help Your Remote Workers With Organization

One of the best things about the technology industry is it lends itself to remote work. Many people want to work remotely, so you can attract talented staff members by allowing people to work off-site. Remote workers can often be more productive than those who are in the office and allowing workers to work remotely can save your company money.


However, there are some challenges to remote work – including staying organized and connected. The good news is, there are some great programs that can help staff to stay on track. These programs include:


  • Slack:

    Slack allows for communication and collaboration among team members. You can have individual or group chats and keep a record of communications. You can also share files and images in Slack.

  • Feedly:

    Feedly allows you to subscribe to news and content websites and organize articles and information into different boards. You can subscribe to anything that has an RSS feed, including industry-specific journals.

  • Moosti:

    Moosti is a time tracking software that makes use of the Pomodoro Technique. This technique involves performing focused work for uninterrupted tracks of time before taking brief breaks.

  • Sqwiggle:

    Sqwiggle is a video chat tool that was specifically built for work-from-home users. Sqwiggle gives each company their own workroom and the team members are shown on a grid of heads. If you’re not in a meeting at the time, your image shows up as a stock photo that is regularly updated. When you need to talk to anyone else on the team, you can click their face and connect to them instantly without having to call. It creates the effect of turning around to speak with someone in your office because the process is effortless.

  • Dropbox:

    Dropbox is a great system for exchanging all different kinds of files. You can transfer files effortlessly from one user to another and store files in shared folders, so everyone on your team is always working from the most up-to-date version of the file.


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