How Are You Managing Different Personalities on Your IT Team?

Managing an IT team brings lots of challenges as you need to understand the logistics of technology that your staff members are working with. In addition to having a clear idea of what staff members are doing within the technical realm, you also can’t lose sight of the fact that ultimately, you’re managing people and not just the work being performed.


People on your team likely have lots of different personalities, goals and characteristics – and sometimes they can clash. Make sure you tailor your management style to the personalities of different team members and you foster a positive work environment for all who work under you. Here are a few tips to help manage staff members with disparate personalities who are all members of your team.


  • Identify the personality types of each staff member:

    You need to know the people on your team so you can tailor your management to their own specific needs. By learning about the personality types of your team members, you can take their unique traits into account when you team them up to work with co-workers on projects. Your insider knowledge of employee personalities will allow you to match staff members with others in your organization with whom they’ll mesh well, so their chances of a successful collaboration increase.

  • Set the bar high and set a good example:

    You want to establish clear expectations for how people should work together. You can lead by example in embracing the different traits of team members and recognizing each one for their individual contributions.

  • Learn what motivates team members:

    Different people on your staff are likely motivated by different goals and objectives. You want to understand what drives staff members to push themselves harder and contribute their all to the team. Talk with staff members to find out what would make them most motivated to succeed and implement this plan with anyone you’re managing.

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