5 Things Remote Workers Want From Their Bosses

Working remotely has become much more popular thanks to technological advances that allow employees to work anywhere. There are many great remote companies that do a wonderful job making staff members feel like they are part of a team – but there are also some remote companies that fall short of keeping staff members engaged.


Since you want your remote workforce to thrive, as an employer, it’s important to know what staff members think. Fortunately, there’s lots of information out there about what remote workers want from their bosses. In fact, here are five key things many remote employees want from their employers:

  • Frequent and consistent check-ins:

    Employees who work remotely need to know they’re part of something bigger. They also need to have a clear idea of whether they are meeting the expectations of the organization and understand what their priorities are. Bosses need to check in with staff members so everyone is on the same page and staff members know they have someone guiding their efforts.

  • Face-to-face communication:

    While email is a good way to communicate some things, there’s no substitute for talking to someone face to face. While actual in-person meetings may need to be rare for remote employees, there are plenty of technologies that make video conferencing easier than ever. Make it a point to set aside some time on a regular basis for a video conference to make a more personal connection.

  • Explicit expectations:

    Without employers providing regular supervision and feedback, some workers may feel a bit adrift when they begin working remotely. If there are clear guidelines as to what a worker is expected to accomplish or produce, workers won’t feel so lost and they’ll be more likely to accomplish what’s necessary.

  • Ready availability:

    It can be much harder to get questions answered on an all-remote team as opposed to when employees are in the same building. To ensure remote workers are provided with the help and support they need to thrive, managers should make themselves available as much as possible.

  • Technology that works:

    If your company is using any hardware or software programs to facilitate collaboration, such as video conference software or computer programs necessary to complete work tasks, it’s imperative that the tech tools work, so remote workers don’t experience a lag in productivity.

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