Are You Looking for Soft Skills While Hiring IT Talent?

When your company is hiring tech workers, you know you need to ensure all candidates have the necessary hardware and software knowledge to accomplish their tasks. However, technical knowledge should not be your only area of focus as you look to build your team.


Many tech companies today have workers with in-depth knowledge of computer systems, coding or programming, but have a shortage of staff members with the soft skills necessary to ensure a workplace functions well.


If you want your company to stand apart from the crowd and thrive, you should focus not only on hiring IT talent with hard skills, but should also look for a few key soft skills as well, including:


  • Time Management.

    Prioritizing projects and effectively managing time are key to success in any industry, especially IT where teams often operate under tight deadlines to bring products to market or solve problems while ensuring minimal downtime.


  • Teamwork.

    IT staff members must work together to complete large projects and to ensure coordination among departments.  A staff member with strong teamwork skills can be the glue that holds the team together.  Without effective teamwork skills and a strong shared sense of purpose, projects are far less likely to be completed properly, since communication won’t be what it needs to.


  • Motivation. 

    Many projects in the technology field can be long and arduous to complete. Employees need to be able to stay motivated if they are to be successful. Having self-motivated staff members on the team can help boost overall productivity as others emulate the hardworking staff member who is always eager to outperform.


  • Creativity.

    Out-of-the-box thinking improves efficiency and can result in innovation. Hiring staff members who aren’t afraid to look at things differently can help you set your company on the path to greater success.


Technology Partners can help you to find staff members!

We can help you find candidates with both the hard and soft skills necessary to succeed at your organization. To find out more about how our staffing service can help your company to hire the best people with all the talents your company needs, give us a call today.


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