Can You Use Social Media to Find Your Next IT Assignment?

Social media plays a major role in most people’s lives today, including in their job search. The question is can it help you land your dream job all on it’s own?

Around half of all job searches are conducted online. Almost one-quarter of all jobs are secured by word of mouth. If you have a great network to tap into, you can find opportunities you may not have otherwise heard about, and can pursue recommendations from people in your circle to help catch the attention of hiring managers.

A couple of notes to consider:

  • Around 4 in 10 jobs are now secured through personal or professional contacts. Since almost half of all workers find their new job through someone they know, expanding your social network and turning to your community can significantly increase your chances of landing a new position.
  • Social media makes it easy to connect. Social networks allow you to reach out to a vast group of personal and professional contacts quickly and easily. You can turbocharge your networking and make far more connections in a short period of time by tapping into social networks than by attending in-person networking events. The more people you connect with and alert to your job search efforts, the greater the chances you’ll be able to land a job from someone in your circle.
  • Social Media is a great way to connect with Staffing pros and keep them up to date on your job status on a secure platform. They don’t just become part of your network, you become part of their’s. When they are looking for a great candidate you’ll be easy to find.

While social networking has its perks, if you aren’t using it to connect with a skilled recruiter you are missing out. You need someone who gets to know your talents and has connections within your industry, someone who isn’t make a dedicated effort to find you a job.

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