Top 5 Management Mistakes That Are Costing You Top IT Talent

For your IT company to be competitive in a fast-growing economy, you need to be able to hire top industry talent and keep your staff happy.  If qualified candidates do not want to work for your organization or if you have high turnover rates, you’re at a significant disadvantage.


Unfortunately, management mistakes may be increasing the chances the best and brightest in the information technology industry will avoid making a home at your organization. Five of the top management mistakes that could cost you top IT talent include:


  • Failing to solicit and respond to employee feedback:

    If employees feel their voices are not being heard, they are likely to stop innovating and even look elsewhere for work. Managers need to provide a chance for IT employees to weigh in, make suggestions and have some control over how work tasks are performed.


  • Failing to communicate a clear career path:

    Most talented professionals don’t want their careers to stagnate. You need to ensure you are providing opportunities for advancement if you want to keep talented people at your organization instead of seeing them flee to competitors where there may be better jobs or benefits.


  • Failing to establish channels for open and honest communication:

    Staff members need to feel they can talk with managers about their concerns and managers are available and providing clear direction. Incommunicative managers are going to be a major turnoff for industry leaders who have their choice of jobs and may decide they’d prefer to look elsewhere.


  • Micromanaging and failing to encourage innovation:

    When managers stifle staff innovation, not only do you miss out on great ideas, you are also likely to lose the talented professionals who thrive on creative thinking. These are the people your company can least afford to lose if you want to be successful.


  • Playing politics at work instead of focusing on merits:

    No one wants to feel as if their talents aren’t being recognized or work at a company where they think promotions are handed out based solely on who a manager happens to favor.

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