Recap of the Top IT Hiring Trends of 2017

The economy has been growing rapidly in 2017, and there have been some big changes that have affected the IT world.  If you’re in the industry, it’s important to look back on the top hiring trends of the past year so you can consider how the information technology industry has evolved and where it might be going in the future.


Some of the top IT hiring trends to look back on in 2017 include:


  • An increased focus on workplace flexibility:

    More and more candidates want the flexibility of working from home, and working from anywhere has gotten even easier thanks to advances in technology. Because of the nature of IT work, many in the industry have come to expect the flexibility to work from anywhere. Companies that want to be competitive in hiring top talent will need to consider finding ways to make remote work an option, if they haven’t already.

  • Stronger demand for soft skills:

    IT workers need to have great hard skills. However, companies and workers alike are increasingly coming to understand it’s not only knowledge of technology that matters when it comes to success in the workplace. Soft skills like communication, teamwork and empathy are increasingly becoming prized skills that IT employers look for when evaluating candidates.

  • The downsides of the gig economy are emerging:

    While the gig economy undoubtedly is growing, there are also some real downsides becoming apparent. Not only are employees in the gig economy left without workplace protections and benefits, companies are also seeing some negatives such as a constant revolving door of staff members and inconsistency in the quality of work being performed. While gig economy jobs (such as freelance) are likely to continue to grow in certain fields, companies will have to be more judicious in determining if the type of work they are hiring for lends itself to hiring gig workers or not.


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