Graduating Early: What are Your First Steps With Your New IT Degree?

If you are graduating early with an IT degree, finding a job can be a challenge. While the economy is good, unemployment rates are low and there should be lots of opportunity, graduating early in the year means it may be more difficult for you to connect with employers since there are fewer big events for companies to meet new grads in the middle of the year than at the end.


The good news is, no matter what time of year you graduate, there are ways you maximize your chances of finding a great new IT job to showcase your new technical skills.  Some of the key steps you should consider taking after you graduate with an IT degree to land the job you’ve been working towards include the following:


  • Consider an internship:

    An internship will provide you with a chance to get real-world experience and make industry connections. Landing an internship may be easier for grads who finish school in the middle of the year since there may be less competition. You can connect with full-time workers, enhance your resume and potentially turn the internship into a permanent job.

  • Attend networking events:

    Although your school may not have as many job fairs going on midyear as they do at the end of the academic year when there are more graduates, the school may have some activities planned to allow midyear grads to connect with employers. Regardless of whether the school offers these opportunities or not, there should be industry groups in your area you can connect with to find out about events where you can make connections.

  • Consider temporary work:

    There are many great companies out there which may not be ready to jump into hiring you full time yet, but may be eager to bring temp employees on board to help with busy times before the holiday season or in the immediate aftermath of the holidays. If you can work with a recruiter to find a good temp job, you may be able to impress the company and turn that temporary assignment into full-time work.


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