When it’s Time to Say “Goodbye” to Your Business’s Design Look

Having the right digital content is essential in this day and age when so many of your customers will likely interact with you online. You want your website, logos, videos and other content to be appealing, accessible on different devices, and representative of your brand.  Unfortunately, if you haven’t changed your digital designs in a long time, your content may not be accomplishing any of your aims.


How can you tell if it’s time to make an update to your site or any of your company graphics? Here are a few key ways to determine if you need to make your design more modern.


  • Is your digital content mobile ready?

    Your website needs to be mobile friendly, both because performance on mobile can impact search engine rankings and because the majority of web traffic now comes from mobile. Your logo and other graphic material should also be designed to display appropriately on mobile devices.

  • Have you changed your brand identity?

    If your company has altered its products or services, is trying to reach a new customer base or is changing the image it wants to convey, your digital material will need to change too. Update your logo, website and other graphics to reflect who your company is today, not who the company was in the past when your site or your art was designed.

  • Do your graphics look old?

    Today, people have different expectations for how they expect websites and logos to look than they did just a few short years ago. If your site or your logo looks dated, like something from another era, you’re much less likely to attract new customers. An outdated website could even cost you your loyal customer base if your clients feel you aren’t evolving or if it becomes too difficult for them to effectively access your services due to limited website functionality.


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