Top 3 Additional Skills That Pay to Have on Your IT Resume

When you earn an IT degree, you open a world of opportunity for yourself. There are many different industries which need IT help and many directions your career can go in if you are an Information Technology graduate. Still, there is a lot of competition for the best jobs for qualified IT professionals, so take steps to ensure your credentials and experience help you stand out from the crowd.

Some of the key skills you can learn to enhance your employability and make employers eager to hire you include:


Learning a programming language and being able to write computer code will make you a very valuable addition to any company in this day and age when businesses must have a website, as well as a mobile app, in order to be competitive. There are a variety of different computer programming languages you can learn, and the more you know, the better the chances you’ll be hired by a top business.

Video production:

You may have heard about the pivot to video many media companies are undergoing. As traditional news and marketing have become less effective, journalism organizations and marketing professionals have been forced to look for new ways to engage with audiences and make connections. Video has proved to be a popular option for those interested in reaching out to people in new ways, and companies across all industries are looking for professionals who have the know-how to produce well-crafted, professional videos.

Graphic design:

Graphic design is essential in a digital world. Graphic design today does not just mean designing beautiful brochures and elegant company logos. You need to know how to make graphics that will look good, load quickly on different devices, and convey a brand’s image in a digital world.

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