4 Things You Can Do When Your Production App Crashes

When you produce an app, you want to provide a seamless user experience. Unfortunately, things can go wrong with apps you create. Your app may end up crashing, which does not convey the impression you want.

It’s important to get your app back up and running quickly when a crash happens and be proactive in taking steps to recapture trust among your user base. You also want to ensure you make any necessary adjustments to avoid further crashes. Some of the key steps you should take as a developer to make sure an app doesn’t crash again include:

Identifying the problem that led to the crash:

Many different problems can result in an app crashing, including poor network management. You need to identify the root cause of the issue with the app so you can take steps to correct whatever errors are interfering with app functionality.

Improving memory management:

Many developers design apps as if their app is the only one that is going to be running on a device. This is unrealistic, as there may be many demands on system resources when an app is used. Your app needs to behave well within a larger ecosystem and you need to consider competing for demands on resources as you make development decisions.

Implementing a better error handling process:

App users often uninstall apps that crash without explanation. But, if you can program your app to terminate a process causing an error and communicate with the end user about what the problem is, users are more likely to continue utilizing the app.

Implementing better development and testing procedures:

It’s important to adopt the right processes throughout the development process, whether that’s Agile or traditional development.  You also want to test apps on a wide variety of devices to check for stability issues and make any necessary corrections before releasing the app to the public.

Work With a Leader in Information Technology Solutions

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