How Can You Tell Your Company’s Story Through Video Production?

If you think your company doesn’t have a story to tell, you’re wrong. Sharing more about your business — and the people who work for it– can help you build your brand and connect with customers on a personal level. Inspiring, relatable and interesting stories resonate with people and this approach keeps your current clients engaged and potential clients curious to learn more about your company and what you have to offer aside from a product or service.


In the era of content marketing, we know one of the best ways to tell your story comes from using video. High-quality, well-produced videos allow you to share and make connections in ways that written content simply cannot do because it is multi-sensory and allows you to communicate more effectively in a much shorter amount of time.


Video, by nature, is dynamic and engaging but these are just a few off-the-cuff approaches to have your creative team try.


Filming interviews and testimonials:

Let the people involved with your company in different capacities tell their stories to create the fullest possible picture of your organization. Everyone from your company founder to the CEO to your customer service staff members can share how the company began, what their role is in the organization and what they love most about what they do. Customers can share how your company has helped to improve their lives and their personal stories can also help other potential clients understand the role your business can play for them.

Producing well-written scripted productions:

When you create video content, make sure you have a comprehensive plan for the story you want to tell. All video should be focused on underscoring the same basic concepts about your brand so you can create a cohesive picture. You want your video to have varied content that consistently highlights your core principles and offerings. You will ensure your video content is clear and part of a larger picture brand experience by working with video production specialists to write a script that will be used during filming. This way, you can check carefully what is being said and make sure it fits within your larger narrative while receiving coaching on set.

Creating webinars that provide education and information:

Webinars are an excellent way to use the power of video to provide education and information. Webinars are seminars conducted over the internet that provides you with a chance to educate viewers more in-depth about subjects your company is knowledgeable about, giving you a platform that highlights your expertise. People interested in your industry will be able to use your webinar to enhance their own knowledge, which in turn will make them think more favorably of your organization. You will often hear this being referred to as “edutainment.” This method is a fast-track way to achieving buy in from key decision makers who want to see the proof in the pudding, so to speak.


Producing commercials and web ads:

The other alternative “edutainment” platforms include commercials and web ads. These approaches can help you reach a wider audience and build your brand identity in broader strokes. The goal here is to create awareness, so it’s imperative you make sure your commercials and web ads break through the noise on the internet or TV so your message remains memorable. The best way to do this utilizes high-quality video content centered around telling a story that proves to be entertaining, interesting, and informational.


Making high-quality video that works for your business does generally fall outside the scope of what a mobile phone is able to do. If you want to tell your story through video effectively, partner with a team that will make certain the media you produce is high quality, contains premium visuals, and engages viewers.

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