Is Your Business Getting the Most ROI Out of Its App?


These days, everybody in every industry you can imagine has an app. But without a goal or a strategy to achieve the highest ROI, your app may never be as effective for your business as you need it to be. Sometimes it’s worth taking a step back to evaluate how apps are performing in helping achieve our goals. Let’s start with ground zero: Are you trying to get more people to see your advertising and become familiar with your brand? Do you want them to make in-app purchases? Or are you trying to nurture buyer relationships and make it easier for people to connect to you and get their questions answered?


We suggest this roadmap for defining your goal of achieving the highest ROI out of making your app work for you.


Identify your goals for the app:

You cannot know if an investment in an app pays off unless you understand the app’s purpose. If your goal is to build brand recognition and get the most users for your app, this will involve incorporating different functionality than if your primary goal is to make it easier for existing clients to interact with your organization. Your design needs to be focused on achieving specific outcomes and you need to have metrics of success you can measure against to make sure the app is living up to your expectations.

Determine how to measure your app’s ROI:

Once you know what your goals are for the app, you need to measure what return you are getting on investment. Make sure you monitor carefully how users are interacting with the app and compare the behavior of app users to the metrics you have set for yourself when you defined what a successful app meant for your organization. There are countless tools Technology Partners could suggest as a means of doing this.

Ask for feedback on how you can improve the app:

Your app users are in the best position to know what can make the app more valuable. Have you provided an opportunity to receive feedback that could allow you to make changes that boost user engagement with the app? Have steps been taken to make improvements based on the feedback you receive? If your app isn’t continually improving, it could become dull and outdated and you may no longer get the ROI you’ve been striving to achieve. The bottom line is this: If you don’t ask, no one will tell you how it can be better.

Consider what could be added to the app to boost your return on investment:

Would it be possible for you to add more incentives for users to interact with your app more frequently? Could you incorporate more tools in the app that make your end user’s lives easier? Most of the tasks people use apps for could be done non-digitally but people still use apps because they add value by saving time and making tasks easier. It is up to you to maximize the level of value the app ads to make it as useful as possible…which will add value for your organization as customers interact with the app more and more. Isn’t that the goal?

Partner with a Leader in Information Technology Solutions

Technology Partners can help your company create applications that provide the maximum possible return on investment. We know the app market, we understand what it takes to make a successful app, and we can work with you to establish the metrics that are necessary to measure the app’s success. To find out more about all the ways that we can assist you with maximizing your app’s ROI, give us a call today!


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