Have You Reached the Expiration Date on Your Staff’s Hardware?

Companies rely on computers and related peripherals so employees can accomplish important work tasks. Unfortunately, computers and their accessories don’t last forever. It’s important to ensure your staff isn’t disadvantaged by working on outdated hardware. When the tools your staff is using are hindering, rather than helping, it is time for an upgrade.


If part of your job is to determine exactly when old hardware should be replaced with new, here are a few key things to keep in mind when trying to assess whether you’re ready for new hardware:


  • Hardware needs to be replaced when it cannot operate newer operating systems:

    As new operating systems are released with more advanced features; more powerful hardware is required to run those systems. Installing an updated operating system on old hardware could make the system run slowly. At some point, the hardware will be so outdated, it will no longer meet minimum requirements for installing the latest software version. At this point, when upgrades are no longer possible, hardware users may not be able to access the programs and files they need.

  • Hardware needs to be replaced when companies phase out support:

    Companies don’t provide troubleshooting help or replacement parts for hardware forever. For example, after nine years, computers typically lose Microsoft support. When support isn’t available anymore, it’s often difficult to keep the hardware running effectively.

  • Hardware needs to be replaced when it interferes with work tasks:

    When staff members cannot do their jobs because their systems run too slowly due to outdated hardware or because their old hardware makes installing new software impossible, it is time to upgrade to technology that does not impede work ability.

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If you’re in the market for new hardware to help improve productivity and avoid problems caused by old systems, Technology Partners can help. Our team will assist with determining when it’s time to upgrade and can give you a clear path to using the latest technology for your business. Give us a call today or contact us online.

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