What Is the Right Process for Assessing Your IT Infrastructure?

Your IT infrastructure determines how well your technology performs and determines whether the technologies your company is using can streamline business processes. A well-built and solidly constructed IT infrastructure can create the foundation for company success, while poorly designed information technology systems can put your business at a competitive disadvantage.


If you want to design your IT infrastructure correctly from the ground up, there are six steps in a comprehensive process. These steps include:


  • Establishing areas of importance:

    You must know what your company’s core goals are so you can identify what kinds of technology can help you achieve the desired ends. Far too many companies try to do everything at once when it comes to building their IT infrastructure, while others suffer from decision paralysis and don’t move forward in an orderly way because they don’t know what goals are most important to help them achieve. If you identify your business priorities and the key areas you want to focus on, your IT plan can be centered around addressing the most important issues first.

  • Defining the objectives of your IT plan:

    You are building an IT infrastructure to accomplish something for your business. This could be streamlining current processes, finding ways to make more connections or any other goals your organization has. You need to know what you hope to achieve with your tech tools, so define the specific objectives you have in making a technology plan.

  • Taking inventory:

    Have the architects of your infrastructure plan create a set of templates to use for the project that is being completed. Provide an opportunity for those affected and those who will be overseeing IT projects to weigh in. This input could help those involved in the planning process see what is important and what isn’t important to your processes.

  • Assessing the current state of your technology:

    You need to know what gaps you need to fill where your current technology falls short.

  • Addressing immediate needs in your technology:

    Once you know what objectives you’re hoping to achieve and what gaps you need to fill because your current technology is falling short, you can triage and take care of the most pressing issues first.

  • Developing a roadmap for the future:

    You should also create long-range plans to build up the tech infrastructure you need and to maintain that infrastructure as your company evolves. Formally schedule and integrate regular check-ups on your roadmap plan so your plan is always in the best condition possible.

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