Important Tips for User-Friendly Mobile Apps

With most internet users increasingly connecting on mobile devices, smart companies know the importance of conquering the mobile application market. However, creating a great mobile app is about more than just writing code that runs on mobile devices. You want users to love your app, rate it highly and use it regularly.


This means you should follow a few key tips to ensure you master mobile development and create a truly awesome app. To make a great mobile app:


  • Create the app with the end user in mind:

    Different apps have different target audiences. The app should be designed with the goal of being easy and effective for all users, but you should also make sure to focus on pleasing your target audience. If your company caters to internet-savvy millennials, for example, the design you use and the features you offer will be very different than if your app is aimed at reaching an elderly audience uncomfortable with technology. Keep in mind who the audience for your app is and make all design decisions accordingly.

  • Test the app and obtain feedback:

    Before releasing an app to the public and taking the risk of bad reviews, make sure the app is well-tested. Confirm the app works properly on all mobile platforms including phones and tablets with different operating systems. Ask as many beta users as possible to try the app and to provide feedback about areas of improvement or problems that should be solved.

  • Avoid unnecessary complexity:

    Even novice internet users make use of mobile apps for personal and professional reasons. While many mobile users know how to download and use apps, they are not always familiar with how the mobile operating system works. If you make your app too difficult to use, this can cause unnecessary frustration. Keep menus clear and easy to use, avoid asking novice users to learn lots of shortcuts or advanced commands, and make sure the mobile app provides simple access to key features with as few clicks as possible.

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This is only the beginning of what is really involved in developing a high powered, engaging mobile applications. Technology Partners can help your company master the mobile app market. To find out more about how Technology Partners can help with all aspects of app development, give us a call at 877-636-1331 or contact us online today.

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