How Can Your Business Benefit From Agile Coaching?

There are two primary project management methodologies your company could adopt: the Agile method or the Waterfall method. While the Waterfall method was the traditional approach to project management, the Agile method has been developed more recently and is increasingly being adopted.

If your organization is thinking it may be time to consider a transition to the Agile method of project management, getting some outside Agile coaching can make a lot of sense. Your business may be able to benefit from Agile coaching because:

A coach can help you determine which method is right for your project.

The Waterfall and Agile methods of project management are very different. The Waterfall method is a more linear approach with one stage of development finishing before the next begins. The Agile method is a team-based approach based around functional components, rather than lineal stages. There are pros and cons to each approach, and different approaches may be best for different situations. A coach can help you identify whether Agile will work for a particular project. The Agile coach can help overcome traditional thinking patterns in your company and explain why a shift in project management will lead to more efficiency and better overall results.

A coach can help you to understand how the Agile method works.

Implementing the Agile methodology requires changing how you look at the project completion process. Instead of going through a checklist of distinct tasks on a predefined scheduled, you can identify a preplanned list of deliverables for completion within a particular phase. A coach will help you apply the Agile approach to your particular project. Since they are experts in the area, the Agile coach will break it down to a simple level so your team members don’t feel overwhelmed by the new style.

A coach can help you implement the Agile method of project management as you work to complete a particular endeavor.

Agile can often improve quality by breaking down a complex project into manageable units that team members can devote their full focus on. Because a strict linear approach is not used, however, it can be harder to implement an Agile methodology. A coach with experience can guide you through making the most appropriate use of this method of project management. Traditional decision-making guidelines will need to be changed. If they have been used for a number of years, changing that muscle memory will take time, but the Agile coach will be there to assist and guide any questions during that decision-making process.

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