How Does Volunteering Help Your IT Career?

If you want to work in a competitive or fast-paced field like information technology, you need to have great hard and soft skills so companies want to hire you. Building professional skills to enhance your resume or otherwise improve your employability can be done in lots of different ways, but one of the best things you can do to boost your career is to volunteer your time.

Volunteering can help you build confidence.

When you excel in a volunteer position and are recognized for your efforts, your self-esteem should get a boost and you’ll feel more confident in your talent. This confidence can come across to interviewers thinking about whether to hire you.

Volunteering can help you to make connections.

When you volunteer, you make connections with people in an industry you care about. By building your professional and personal network, you increase the chances of being hired. Your volunteer position could eventually turn into paid work, or could lead to paid work undertaking a similar type of task as the one you volunteered to do.

Volunteering allows you to get your name out there.

Men and women who are recognized as professionals in their fields often have their pick of jobs, with companies competing for them. Of course, to be recognized as a professional, you need to get your name out in the world and start building your brand. Volunteering helps you become more well-known to others, which can be a big boost when you apply for jobs and employers see you’re a recognized professional.

Volunteering can help you learn new skills.

When you volunteer, you may be entrusted with responsibility more quickly than you would be in the corporate world. You quickly learn what you are capable of doing and can help translate the skills you learn while volunteering towards finding the career of your dreams.

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