Did You Know You Can Have a Virtual CIO, CTO or CSO?

Today, when technology is vital to success across almost all industries, many large companies have IT professionals who work full time. These professionals can include Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers and Chief Security Officers. Their job is to make sure a company’s networks aren’t vulnerable to hacking while at the same time ensuring company hardware and software solutions provide staff, current clients and potential customers with all that they need.

If your business isn’t huge, you still need these services that IT professionals can provide … but hiring someone full time may not make sense or be within your budget. The good news is, you don’t need a dedicated IT professional on-staff. You can, and should, have a virtual CIO, CTO, or CSO. Your virtual tech professional:

Can give small businesses the same competitive advantage larger companies have when it comes to IT.

For too long, small companies faced challenges in keeping up with the technological developments of their larger counterparts because small companies couldn’t afford to hire the best and the brightest to take on full-time work. By drawing from the expertise of a virtual CIO, CTO or CSO, small companies can get the help they need to compete on a level playing field.

Can help with internal analysis and consulting so you can discover your next steps.

If your company wants to be more effective with how you use technology, or you want to ramp up your efforts to embrace technology, you can get outside advice from a virtual CIO, CTO or CSO on the steps you should take.

Can provide as-needed assistance with IT issues so you don’t have to pay someone all the time.

Most companies need the services of a CIO, CTO or CSO on occasion. If your company needs insight and IT expertise for only a few hours or few days each month, it doesn’t make sense to waste money and time hiring someone to work full time. When you outsource, you don’t have to worry about wasting money since you only pay for the services you receive.

Providing IT Solutions in St. Louis and Nationwide

Technology Partners can be your virtual CIO, CTO or CSO. To find out more about the services we offer to companies of all sizes who want consummate IT professionals to help their business, contact us today to work with a leader in information technology solutions.


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