Three Tips to Create a Culture of Volunteering at Your Company

Creating a culture of volunteering at your company is important to building a strong company culture you can be proud of.

You want staff members to volunteer their time to outside activities in the community because volunteering helps build your company’s reputation. It gives staff unique experiences and expands their horizons in ways that can help your business thrive. It also allows your company to make a positive difference, which is important.

You want staff members willing to volunteer their skills and abilities with your organization to help their co-workers succeed. When staff members are more giving and willing to step up to the plate to accomplish tasks outside of their job descriptions, your business benefits from having all hands on deck to ensure success.

These tips can help you create a culture of volunteering to encourage everyone to get on board and improve the lives of others as well as improve collaboration and teamwork within your organization.

Get executives to buy in

If company leaders are volunteering, their example will encourage others to volunteer their time and effort. Encourage leaders to set examples by donating their time to community activities and by pitching in to complete essential tasks at work.

Create new relationships so staff members get to know each other outside the office

Volunteering is easier when people feel like a part of a team. Facilitate volunteer opportunities outside of work that staff members can take part in together to help them bond. Encourage people from different departments to work collaboratively on volunteer efforts outside of the company and on the successful completion of internal projects. This collaboration can translate into better teamwork within your business.

Help staff gain confidence

People will be more likely to volunteer their time and effort with outside organizations if they believe they have the skills and ability to make a difference. They’ll also be more likely to go the extra mile at work. Show you care about staff members and value their skills so employees gain confidence.

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