Technology Partners’ CEO Lisa Nichols Participates in Exclusive White House Roundtable Discussion

Technology Partners’ CEO Lisa Nichols participated in an exclusive roundtable meeting with President Trump and his daughter Ivanka, as well as Vice President Pence and Administrator of the SBA, Linda McMahon. This roundtable included only ten entrepreneurial women professionals from across the country who came together to discuss the significance of being an economy that allows women to thrive. The purpose of the roundtable discussion addressed the magnitude of how hard the journey is for women trying to build businesses from the ground up as well as continuing to grow them. Women-owned businesses are growing at a rate five times faster than any other demographic and currently contribute $1.6 trillion to the American economy.

The leaders represented included a very diverse group of women of different ethnicities, upbringings, life experiences, ages, and businesses. One thing they all shared, though, was the philanthropic heart that is key to how they approach leading their businesses. It was evident that passionately following their dreams fueled their treks to the top of their industries. As each leader got a chance to introduce herself around the table, you could see the excitement on her face and hear the inspiration in her voice. Lisa says the room felt completely electric.

Lisa says, “I truly feel the Trump administration is serious about empowering women owned businesses to grow and thrive. The way they are inviting different groups to the table to hear real life perspectives is a great way to address real life challenges that are similar for all women entrepreneurs despite the demographic differences represented in the room today.”

As the only Missouri woman to be present at this exclusive event, we are beyond proud of her for representing our state and our business. Being a woman leader has different adversities to overcome but Lisa has always done so with steadfastness and grace in her 24 years of leading Technology Partners.

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The full discussion will not be available for viewing but you can watch the opening remarks and introductions here:

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