March 21 Is World Down Syndrome Day

Each year, on March 21, World Down Syndrome Day is observed. World Down Syndrome Day dates back to at least 2006, when the Down Syndrome Association in Singapore first launched and hosted a website to record global activities surrounding Down syndrome awareness.

The United Nations officially began observing World Down Syndrome Day in 2011, adding its voice to the efforts of communities worldwide to advocate for inclusion of people with Down syndrome.

Understanding the origins and goals of this global awareness day is very important and Technology Partners believes the principles that World Down Syndrome Day represents are of vital importance to help build stronger and more inclusive communities. To discover more about World Down Syndrome Day, consider these important facts about this effort to raise public awareness.

World Down Syndrome Day is on March 21

This date (3/21) signifies the triplication of the 21st chromosome. It is this triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome that causes Down syndrome.

World Down Syndrome Day was started to provide education about Down syndrome

It is to advocate for the rights of people with Down syndrome. The goal is for communities throughout the world to realize what it really means to live with Down syndrome and to recognize the value of inclusion. People with Down syndrome have vital roles to play within communities, when provided with the opportunity to thrive in a welcoming, inclusive environment.

Sharing information is a key part of World Down Syndrome Day.

To educate and inform, those who honor World Down Syndrome Day are encouraged to share experiences and activities. Global video events, hashtag campaigns, and other initiatives aim to provide a way for people with Down syndrome and their loved ones and advocates to share experiences.

At Technology Partners, we believe that every person with Down syndrome deserves to benefit from equality on every level. Children and adults with Down syndrome must be provided with every opportunity to live their fullest life, which means that communities must find ways to be welcoming and schools and institutions must facilitate integration with peers so people with Down syndrome can build strong relationships.

We encourage everyone to participate in World Down Syndrome Day and to share details of the activities they do to honor this day. Pictures and details can be shared to highlight the benefits of creating inclusive community environments for all people with Down syndrome.


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