4 Technology Tips to Make Business Travel Easier

Traveling can become an unpleasant experience, with long lines at airports, invasive security, cramped seating, and a host of other unpleasant realities. Unfortunately, many people cannot escape the need to travel regularly for business.

If you have to travel for your job, you can make the experience a little bit easier on yourself. These four tips will help.

Don’t let your trip get off to a bad start. One way to avoid the long lines at airport security comes through the TSA Pre-Check program, which is an expedited security program that connects travelers with smarter security and a better travel experience. Not everyone will be approved for the program as applicants must go through a verification process and pay an application fee. The benefits come from faster security lines at the airport, not having to take your shoes off, keeping your valuable technology items in your luggage and not using body scanners or experience pat-downs.

Have the Right Tools

During your flight, a great pair of noise-reducing headphones can help you stay focused on work. You can download webinars or podcasts to watch. You can listen to music to stay locked in while you create plans or strategies for your clients. Also consider some backup battery and energy options. A portable battery pack for your smartphone can prove to be very valuable if you are stuck on a runway and need extra power. Having a backup battery for your laptop could also prove to be worth every penny if you aren’t able to charge your battery in the airport.

Always Have an Offline Option

What happens if your plane doesn’t have WiFi? What happens if the airport or hotel has slow WiFi? What happens if you aren’t able to login to your server and get the key files you need? Before you leave the office, download and have offline access to all the key files that you’ll need during the flight and for your time in the airport. The last thing you want to do is expect to work on a project and then let technology be the reason you aren’t able to do anything. That extra 5-10 minutes may not come into play for 10 trips, but on the 11th trip when you can’t access the Internet, you will be happy that you were proactive.

Hold Virtual Office Hours

If you are a manager, your team could be in need of answers while you are away from the office. When you aren’t responsive to email, that can hold up projects since communication is slower. One creative alternative is to hold virtual office hours with your team at a set time each day or a number of days per week. Your team can come prepared with their questions and you are focused on helping them and not focused on the project you are working on with the on-site client.

If you are unhappy with the amount of travel you conduct for your job, maybe it is time to start thinking about a career switch. Technology Partners helps qualified job seekers to find rewarding work that advances their opportunities for professional success. Give us a call today at 877-636-1331 or contact us online to find out more about how our information technology recruiters can work with you to find a position that is right for you.


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