5 Questions to Ask During an Interview for a Remote IT Worker

Hiring a remote worker is different from hiring someone who is going to be in the office and under your direct supervision all day. When you ask someone to work remotely for your organization, you need to be able to count on that person to be productive of his own accord and to produce work on time so your company does not suffer from a lack of performance.

During your interview process, you need to be able to ask questions that give you a good idea of whether a particular job seeker is up to the task of working remotely or not. What are five key questions that you should ask?

How will you stay organized?

When someone works outside of the typical office environment, it can be harder to stay on top of tasks and to separate work and personal life. You want to make sure your new hire is organized enough not let your important work fall through the cracks. Since they aren’t physically in the office, how will they handle all paperwork, remember to attend meetings, etc?

What methods do you use to communicate from a remote location?

It is imperative you are able to get in touch with a remote worker when you need something done. Do you have a reliable phone line? Do you need a headset for phone calls? Is your Internet fast enough for video conferencing and uploading or downloading files?

What is your best schedule to be productive?

You want to make certain that the person you hire is able to meet deadlines, work efficiently and effectively, and not waste time or effort. Some remote workers may be required to have the traditional 8:30-5 schedule while others may have more flexibility to complete their tasks more freely. Discussing this schedule during the interview will minimize any surprises in this area.

What is your process for reading the latest industry news and staying on top of the latest trends?

When someone works remotely, they don’t have people around sharing new ideas all the time. It can be easy to get disconnected from new developments. You don’t want someone working for your business who isn’t keeping up with new developments and industry trends. Can they schedule a time to talk with people in the office? Will they consistently read new blogs and attend webinars? Can you provide continuing education so they feel as if they are part of the office?

How do you stay motivated?

You need motivated workers at your company who are going to be ready to work and stay engaged for the long haul. If they don’t have a manager even just in the same building consistently, how will they stay motivated to perform routine tasks and meet deadlines?

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