Do You Know What Experience Users Receive on Mobile?

You have probably checked out your company’s website on your computer numerous times to make sure it is easy to read and to ensure that navigating around the site makes sense for users. However, creating a site that looks good on a computer is no longer enough for any company that has an online presence. You now need to make certain you are providing a pleasant experience for users on mobile.

Mobile has taken on increasing importance, and there are a lot of reasons why it pays for your business to check out how your sites or apps function when used on different kinds of mobile devices. You need to care about mobile because of the following three reasons.

Mobile has become a preferred way to access content.

More Google searches within the United States are actually originated on mobile devices now than from computers. Since there has been such a rapid rise in the number of people relying on mobile, you need to be able to provide a good experience on phones and tablets if you want to maximize the reach of your website. Search for a tool that examines the mobile experience and provides feedback on what needs to be changed for your mobile website to be as effective as your desktop experience.

Your search engine rankings could be hurt if you don’t perform well on mobile.

Changes to algorithms from common search engine providers have resulted in websites being penalized if they do not perform well on mobile. This means it could become harder for computer users to find you because your sites fall in the search engine rankings due to ignoring performance on mobile devices. Your website may not be directly penalized, but other websites are passing you in the rankings based solely on mobile experience.

Good performance on mobile can help you to generate more leads.

If you want customers to buy from you or to contact you about services, you need to make it simple for them to do so. Mobile provides a fast and easy way for people to access the web. However, you need to make certain your sites perform properly. It needs to be simple for potential customers to reach out when using mobile devices.  Tools like progressive form filling, which makes it easier to submit info on a mobile device, can incentivize more customers to actually make a connection. Look at your current lead generation forms and consider if you would take the time to fill out all of that information. Think about the best method of a short form and then having your team follow up with the lead.

Technology Partners can help your business to corner the mobile market for your products or services.  Give us a call today at 877-636-1331 or contact us online to find out more about the ways in which we can help your organization to do what it takes to ensure your sites and software perform appropriately on any mobile device.


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