What Can You Learn About a Hosted Private Cloud?

Cloud computing has become incredibly popular due to the convenience of being able to access data from anywhere. However, not every company wants to put their data in the hands of a public cloud provider. If you want to maintain more control over your data and ensure strong security while still getting the benefits of cloud computing, a hosted private cloud may be the answer.

Private cloud computing involves the use of a proprietary architecture which is dedicated to just your organization. There are four key benefits of a hosted private cloud.

Faster and more agile service

Features you need on your cloud can be delivered in a timely and efficient manner. Your partner IT professionals will be far more responsive to resolving any issues you have than the IT department of a company that hosts a public cloud. It is even possible in some cases to have self-service access to the cloud infrastructure to provide for even more timely changes to infrastructure.

Enhanced security

The network that hosts your cloud can be isolated and dedicated to serving your company. It is a far less vulnerable target than a public cloud would be.  You can also make certain you have taken appropriate steps for disaster recovery, should it become necessary.

Enhanced customization

Your cloud can be designed specifically to meet your needs. Your company’s goals for the use of the cloud will directly dictate the storage you are provided and the networking components used. You can also ensure that compliance regulations for your industry are addressed.

Improved performance

With a hosted private cloud, there are dedicated resources just for your business. This can result in substantial performance advantages over the use of a public cloud that may cater to thousands or even millions of customers.

Partner with an Information Technology Solution in St. Louis

Technology Partners can help make it possible for your business organization to reap the many benefits of a hosted private cloud. To discover more about why this option may be the best one for your particular business organization, give us a call today at 877-636-1331 or contact us online to work with a leader in IT solutions in St. Louis.


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