Will Your Company Benefit from Gender-Neutral Posting?

Your company wants to hire the very best people for any job … which means you are open to hiring people of any gender as long as that person is good at what they do. Unfortunately, many companies sabotage their hiring process unintentionally with gendered language. Job posts with gendered language can result in a smaller pool of applicants and extend the hiring process.

The good news is, you can get easily eliminate this gendered language in order to significantly improve your hiring process. Your company can benefit from gender-neutral job postings because:

Getting rid of gendered language does not have to be difficult.

The Journal of Social Psychology has a list available of words which are masculine and feminine. You can review this list and strip your job posting of language which is unnecessarily gendered. A lot of your writing may be unintentional. However, if you don’t take a step back to write a neutral post, then you are already slanting the job candidate pool.

You will substantially expand your talent pool by stripping out gendered language.

Researchers have discovered that a job listing with gendered language might attract an average of 12 responses for every 17 replies received by a listing with language that is gender neutral. Your company could be limiting itself to 40 percent fewer responses with a job posting featuring gendered language.

You can hire someone faster.

A wider pool of applicants means it is more likely you will find the right job candidate in a timely manner. In fact, researchers have found that companies with gender-neutral job ads can fill positions up to two weeks faster on average than companies which have gendered language in job postings.  Hiring someone faster means you can get back up to full productivity and start taking full advantage of your talented new hire to help your company grow and thrive. Not only could you find the right addition to your open job posting, but if you are receiving an average of five more applications, then you might find talented job candidates that you have to hire, even if you don’t have an open position. Qualified IT job candidates are hard to come by and if you find multiple fits for your organization, then you can find a way to bring them on board.

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