Here’s Why You Can’t Be Shy on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a popular social networking tool for professionals. As a job seeker, you can use your LinkedIn profile to establish your industry credentials, connect with companies who could be hiring, and impress a potential employer who is looking for information online about you.

The key to success on LinkedIn is to use your profile and the networking features on the website wisely so you can build a strong professional network and showcase your skills. To do this, you cannot afford to be shy. You need to sell yourself and work hard to make connections. The following four tips will help you accomplish that goal.

Creating a Profile that Brags about Your Accomplishments

You want to actually show off your abilities on LinkedIn, so you cannot be afraid to brag about all that you can do. To show potential employers that you aren’t just all talk, try to be as specific as possible and include quantitative proof of your skills, such as sales numbers or awards you have received. Those numbers carry over to any employer. If you can explain a 37 percent improvement, that can impress anyone.

Talking in Groups and Sharing Your Opinion

You want to build a vast network and the best way to do that is to interact with the groups that are relevant to your industry.  Join and make a positive contribution so group members can become a part of your professional network. Comment on shared posts and make connections after that dialogue. Share your own content in the groups and thank people for their feedback.

Connecting with a Lot of People

The bigger your reach on LinkedIn, the more people in your industry will know of your personal brand and the better your chances of becoming a respected professional who with a great reputation in your industry. Building up a strong reputation can open up endless job opportunities for you. When you share updates on your timeline or publish a post, that’s a bigger network to see your content.

Seeing Who Views Your Profile and Reaching Out to Them

You can see who checks out your LinkedIn profile and there is no reason not to make contact with visitors who were interested enough to look at your information. You never know when a connection will lead to a wonderful new career opportunity.

By following these tips, you can turn LinkedIn into the networking powerhouse it is meant to be… and can make it the springboard to an exciting new career opportunity.  Of course, while online networking has its place, there is nothing that jump starts a job search like working with staffing professionals who have real-world offline connections.

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