How Is Your Company’s Security Protected Against Employee’s Personal Devices?

Hacking has affected virtually everyone in recent years. Millions of consumers have had personal information compromised due to high profile hacks on consumer sites. Stores and businesses have experienced data breaches, costing them a fortune, hurting their reputation, and putting their customers’ info and the company’s confidential intellectual property into the wrong hands. Even political parties have been hacked.

In light of this environment, you need to consider what your company is doing for cyber security.  Cyber security has become increasingly difficult as the so-called security perimeter expanded. In the very early days of computing, it was easy to protect data because the info was only available with actual physical access to devices. Today, there is virtually no perimeter because the Internet has made it impossible to keep data within controlled spaces… especially as employees now use personal devices to access company info and because employees continually bring their Internet-connected devices, like phones, into a company network.

In light of the potential security threat, there are complex cyber security issues for companies to consider. For example, here are three areas to keep in mind when analyzing the security threats brought by personal devices.

Your company needs to decide on a policy for accessing company data.

Will you provide staff with company laptops and phones and prohibit the use of personal devices for accessing business info? Are staff members allowed to access company info and to sign in from home when their home networks may not be as secure? You have to weigh pros and cons of staff access against the need to protect security.

Your company should reconsider the perimeter concept of cyber security.

It’s a lot harder to establish a perimeter around your company network or business data when staff members are continually bringing in devices. Instead of trying to wall off everything, consider the surfaces that are vulnerable to attack and look for ways to build perimeters around those particular applications. For example, you could establish stricter security protocols around web browsers than around word files.

Your company should consider offering cyber security training.

It is difficult to stop employees from using personal devices, and hard to restrict access to business data. Employees are also unlikely to allow device management of their personal devices. To make sure your data is protected, provide employees with the info they need to know about watching for vulnerabilities and keeping networks secure from breaches.

Having good help with IT is integral with the presence of numerous cyber security threats. Technology Partners can provide the assistance your company needs. Give us a call at 877-636-1331 or contact us to find out more about working with a leading technology company in St. Louis.


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