Does Your Company Need New Database Hardware? The Answer Will Surprise You

Many companies that rely on databases will fall into the pattern of routinely upgrading their database hardware. Your organization may believe having the very latest in technology is vital to keeping your data safe and your database management effective, or you may have been told that continually upgrading your database hardware is best for your business. The reality, however, is that constant upgrades may not be necessary and could even be a bad thing.

Technology Partners does not believe in always upgrading equipment, as upgrading too often can make customers unhappy and result in unnecessary expenditures. Instead of always opting for an upgrade, there are other things to consider.

Improving effectiveness and efficiency

Instead of upgrading, look to your current hardware and software to see if there are ways to speed up transaction times. Yes, there will be times when your company needs to purchase new hardware. However, it’s not the right fix to your problem all of the time. Examine your database and look for ways to improve up time because that leads to increase revenue for your company.

Speeding up and optimizing indexes

Updating statistics is one way to speed up indexes, and optimization can be beneficial as well. By increasing speed and optimization, you can get better performance without the need to buy new hardware. Hiring the right database managers or working with the right company can optimize your SQL database and find the queries slowing down your operation.

Understanding the response times for each service

Collecting data on response times for each specific service provided lets you know when and where to troubleshoot. Analyzing data and making targeted efforts can be a far better way to improve overall service than just simply upgrading hardware which may not even need an upgrade at the time. Learn about the industry standards and which areas of your database are meeting those areas, which areas are faster and which areas need improvement. Focus your time on the areas that need actual improvement and are costing your employees time in their day.

By approaching your database management in a smart and strategic way, you can often end up with better performance without going through the expense and hassle of continuous upgrades.

Technology Partners will help your company get data from Point A to Point B in the fastest manner possible. We know that fast means a better user experience and comes with less equipment and a huge cost savings to your company. Contact our team today to get started on learning how Technology Partners can speed up your organization’s databases.



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